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Monday, 17 May 2010

QR Codes / 2D Barcodes

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QR (Quick Response) Codes / 2D Barcodes

QR Codes, or 2D barcodes aren't new, they've been around for sometime (in fact they were developed by a Japanese company, Denso-Wave in 1994) buy as mobile devices & technology become more advanced and connected to the world via the internet. QR codes will only become more and more important to your marketing effort.

Why is it important for me?

Well, 2D barcodes can contain any information you want:

Use a map location & scan it on a mobile (eg. iPhone) Google Maps will launch and show you where to go.

Use your business card information - Allow someone to scan it & your business information will automatically be added to their address book.

Use your web address - Whether you choose your Facebook profile, LinkedIn account or business URL, scan a code and you will be taken directly to whatever page you choose.

There are tons of other places QR codes can (and should be used) in promotional material, marketing materials, paperless registration for events, paperless tracking of students in schools etc. etc..... Use your imagination!

Take this page, for example. It's a photo of a QR code on a sign. Use your barcode reader app and scan this code (straight from your computer screen) and it should work ... these are super versatily & certainly my new favourite toy!

I have tried a few iPhone QR code readers and can highly recommend QRReader. It's free and scans in real time. I also haven't found a QR code that it couldn't scan yet.

Just search for 'qr code' and you'll find it.

Update: Here are some captures from QRReader app on the iphone. As you can see, none of these are particularly great in terms of clarity or alignment & yet all of them were successful scans!

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