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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Creating Multiple Sites - Pointing to Main Domain

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Creating Multiple Sites - Pointing to Main Domain

Here's another question I see time and time again on the SEO forums:

"Should I create multiple small (one page) sites focused on a single keyword and then point them to my main domain?"

Here's why this is largely a waste of time:

When you build a new site it starts at zero. Zero content, zero backlinks, zero visitors & zero reputation.

Therefore for every new site you build for a keyphrase you'll have to build dedicated backlinks, content and promotion strategies for each site.

If you build 10 new sites then you're creating 10 times the amount of work than simply creating a dedicated, keyword focused page on your existing site.

Don't forget, if you've done it right you're existing site will already be indexed, established, have some good backlinks and be getting spidered regularly.

Don't waste your time with small keyword focused sites, just create a new page on your existing site and optimise that well!

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