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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Understanding Google Ad Quality Score

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This is probably the most simple explanation I've seen yet of how Google PPC bidding works & how increasing / improving certain factors within your ads to make them better for users will actually lower your overall PPC spend.

Essentially a higher quality, more targeted & more well written ad will attract a higher click through rate & therefore improve the ad rank quality score. The actual cost per click is determined by the quality score of the ad & the maximum cost per click ... therefore a higher quality score means a lower cost per click and higher ad rankings. A win/win situation.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Remove 'Powered by GCalendar'

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I came across this today & thought I'd share a simple way of removing the 'Powered by GCalendar' text link for the Joomla Gcalendar module.

The author doesn't mind people removing the text link as he is distributing it as free software, but a small donation (or even a blog post about how great the Gcalendar Joomla module is) wouldn't go amiss!

Ok, the instructions.

Blogger doesn't like live code so I've had to put this in a text file - free download here.